Christy Clark:

Don't Close The Doors on Adult Education!

Premier Christy Clark has a reckless plan to cut millions of dollars from adult education, introduce new punitive fees, and close the door to basic education for many British Columbians. 

This scheme will hurt our economy and fuel inequality.

Speak Out Before it's Too Late!

The Christy Clark government is about to cut millions of dollars from adult basic education. Tuition fees for high school classes could be even more than for university courses.

Doors of opportunity are closing for thousands of British Columbians who are working hard to gain the knowledge and skills they need to get better jobs, support the economy, and create better lives for themselves, and their families.

Adult Basic Education (ABE) has been tuition-free in BC since 2007. On December 4th, 2014, the provincial government announced a plan to cut $6.9 million from Adult Basic Education programming in BC and removed the tuition-free ABE mandate. This short-sighted plan will hurt our economy and fuel inequality.

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